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"fukushima"The mainstream media is not reporting what has been happening in Fukushima or on the West Coast of the USA. We are finding watchdog groups on facebook and twitter, videos on youtube talking about this real and serious danger of radioactivity on CA beaches, reports of contaminated fish, radioactive debris floating up on shore in Oregon and Japanese fisherman not seeing marine life for miles or at all. What is really happening? Is there a coverup going on? Is it true that after this nuclear reactor disaster at Fukushima, that the situation has never been brought under control? There are reports that this nuclear power plant continues to emit dangerous levels of radioactive steam. It was only a matter of time before the real signs started appearing in the Pacific and on the West Coast of the United States. What is Health and Human Services doing about it? We have heard they are stockpiling Nascent Iodine to counter the effects of radiation in humans. We do not wish to be alarmists but thought that someone should be talking very loudly about this. It seems the liberal media would rather talk about Duck Dynasty, or the diasasterous Obamacare rollout and myriad of other Presidential Scandals ad nauseam. However, it does appear that we may have reached our breaking point as far as scandals go. To make matters worse, lousy, “R,” rated movies about Wall Street and stupid, “PG,” movies about Anchormen that insult American’s intelligence seem to be about all the Left Coast can come up with to glorify and mock. Why couldn’t these same powerful influential Hollywood Stars do a documentary on how radiation may be affecting our children in the near future or exam the solutions out there. Fukushima may become the biggest news story of 2014. Someone dropped the ball bigtime by only giving the story a sliver of airtime and burying the details. The quest for energy independence may be the ultimate scandal of the century and the death of the Pacific Ocean and life as we know it here on this good earth. We need a few talented journalists and creative thinkers who can tell a story. America should have updated their own nuclear power plants and power grids 20 years ago. Many agree, others would rather live in their bubble.