I have spent countless thousands of dollars on an education both traditional and professional. With two college degrees earned, several years of graduate school at a large University and countless hours of professional training where I received certifications in Microsoft and Adobe products you would think that it would be easy to determine what I should charge for my services. Well not exactly. You may be able to relate to the fact that when starting out and finding new customers, you may tend to undercharge just to have the customers and the new business. Further did I mention the years that I spent in my career working in jobs, starting at the bottom just to be employed and hoping to learn as much as I could before finding something better or more lucrative to do. My employers paid very little if anything for my further education and professional training. My employers seemed to just expect that I would just know how to do what it was that they needed or were paying me to do. A friend of mine who has a successful business told me that his, “golden rule,” was always to hire people that were a whole lot smarter than yourself. He was right perhaps, but hiring people right now is not in my vocabulary, although I wish I could as there are alot of people trying to do the same thing that I am. Let me change the subject and end by asking, if you do SEO for other people I would be curious to know what you charge or what your going rate is. Rich content is what it is all about these days in the website design business. How could a website designer or SEO specialist manage rolling out successful websites, without having great material to work with? Does a web designer also have to be a good writer? Media 54 LLC has a good track record when it comes to giving the customer what they are paying for. We have practically given our services away in order to build our business and our brand. I think to myself, if only I was as creative with my billing as I am with retouching photos in Photoshop or tagging photos, I would probably be able to hire additional employees to help grow my business. The Holy Grail is SEO. Getting found by search engines, generating enormous amounts of traffic on your website and providing some value added products and services to your customers is where it is at. Once SEO is done correctly your site will be noticed and retain a high position in search engines. Let me know what you think well executed SEO should be worth to a growing business trying to develop their brand and web presence. I promise to give feedback and discuss if you need a response.


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