Web Development

A good friend of mine sent me the link to a webinar that was free and suggested that I register and particpate by listening to this guys message. So I tuned in at the appropriate time to listen after registering. It had been a tough week with software and hardware upgrades and trying to figure out how not to lose all of the data on the old computer. And I know that there isn’t a person out there who does not relate to this, who has not had a computer crash and hard drive needing to be wiped clean after paying a fortune to have someone retrieve what was still remaining there. So in the middle of all of this, I was asked by a friend to listen in to this webinar, so I registered and the next day at 6PM when the webinar was suppose to begin, I was still in the middle of installing software however, once online and connected, my attention turned to the webinar. The first thing out of this guys mouth was, “stop immediately everything that you are doing and give me your complete attention.” Sure, I thought, I need a break from all of this stuff anyway. The guys name is, Rich Schefren, and he claims to have made all kinds of professionals very rich and he has a secret to share. His website is http://www.strategicprofits.com/. He didn’t stop talking for three hours, I mean I have worked in call centers for many years on the phone and talked eight hours a day non stop, so I know about that, but he didn’t stop talking and I am not sure if he ever even took a breath, seriously. And he spoke fast, covering everything from working smarter, to imagining and creating a dream board and visualization techniques and so on. He covered in three hours what one might learn during an entire semester of college. My head was spinning. In a nutshell his advise was, to stop working. And for someone who has always made their living working, that was alittle difficult to swallow. His second message was, stop learning. That’s right, the guy said stop trying to learn everything there is to know about your business, ’cause you do not need to know it. He talked about examining your motives, for example, why do you want to start your own business. Well, for one, I like having a roof over my head and some food on the table at dinner time I was thinking. I was really beginning to question if this was a good use of my time, listening to this guy. He had testimonials from his clients that were on videotape. He introduced the video by saying this person had bought into his system and made a fortune. He also prepared these worksheets which you could download before the webinar and he insisted that you take notes on every word that he uttered. Gee, more analysis, just what I do not need right now, I am trying to get my computer system back up and running again. Eventually I surrendered and he did have my complete attention for about 40 minutes when he was talking about all of the vacations I am going to be able to take and the expensive foreign cars that I am going to buy and the incredible lifestyle that was waiting for me. Love to hear a sucess story, especially in these tough economic times, but why is it that I could just not imagine shelling out $2600 to be driven completely nuts doing his workbooks. The guy had figured out how to get everyone else to work for him, outsourcing even the most mundane and ordinary of tasks. All I can say is that every Vice President of a major Corporation has at one time or another had to learn to do dishes, or take the trash out, or sweep up in order to get where they are today. Outsourcing is a good idea, but do I really want someone in another time zone working for me so that I can spend more time on Facebook or Twitter? That is probably not a very good idea. The moral of the story I suppose is that one must remain educable. There is so much to learn. My software and hardware upgrades are almost complete and I am very happy that I managed that. So, if you want to send me information about multi-level marketing schemes and gimmicks please don’t my friends and family cannot take it anymore. Guess I am just going to have to make money the old fashioned way by getting out there, rolling up my sleeves and using alot of common sense.


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