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Posted: April 28, 2012 in GMAIL, Text Messaging
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Email as we know it may be going away as developers move closer to refining the art of the electronic message. Our prediction is that text messaging is going to replace email as we know it. That will be good news for those who have a love hate relationship with their email inbox.

"cornelluniversity""mother nature"

Cornell University Lab

Watch the Live Stream from Cornell University. Red-Tailed Hawk Nest.

The President and his speech writers are on automatic with their one size fits all message for the cameras. Tends to show the world that when it comes to building lasting relationships, and alliances around the world our Commander in Chief is not well prepared.

MiddleGate Med and InterDyn-Remington Launch IdentiCare.

IdentiCare Tackles $30 Billion in Emergency Department Losses

Complicated regulations and compliance cause patient registration staff to make billing and identity errors.